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Caroline is available for talks about the importance of reading to babies. She also contributes to on-line magazines on the subject of language and literacy development.
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Baby Book Reviews - Stage 3 - The Cooer
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Characteristics of Stage 3 Books – The Cooer
With the exception of right after birth, your baby will be teething for most of the first two years. We added a book with chewable, rubbery edges that would feel good on baby's gums. While baby holds the teething "book," you can read another book. Now that baby is beginning to grasp, she will appreciate exploring the sense of touch. All your baby's senses are awakened. Choose books that stimulate a range of senses. Hearing lots of words is important at this time, since your baby's brain is storing words in her memory bank.
Night-Night Baby, a Touch-and-Feel Book
Photographer: Elizabeth Hathon
Board book
Penguin Putnam Books, 12 pages, 2000
Touch-and-feel books have their place in a baby's library. Whatever the text may be, parents usually make up their own words based on their baby's home and the things in it. This particular book has shiny plastic, a fluffy rug, a mirror, cotton curtains, and a miniature book to open. Another nice feature of this book is that the photographs of babies fill the page. Babies like to look at other baby faces.
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1,2,3 Barnyard Banter
Author: Denise Fleming
Board Book
Henry Holt, 28 pages, 1997
Your baby will happily listen as parents dramatize the sounds the farm animals make. In a few months your baby will be babbling woof woof for dog. This book will help prepare her for the next stages so that by the time she becomes a toddler, and after dozens of readings, she' ll have all the animal sounds memorized. But this is no ordinary rhyming list of animal sounds. There is a mystery. Where is the goose? Baby will delight in the question, and the search for the goose that is hiding in every brilliantly colored page.
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Word Book
Author: Angela Wilkes
DK Publishing, Inc., 21 pages, 1993
DK publishes many high-quality books for children of all ages. Word Book is organized in themes, from home to animals and machines. There is even an index, which includes the numerous objects pictured in the book. By naming all the objects as you point to the bright, clear photographs, you help your baby to store these names in her brain. When she is ready, she will name each item herself. You don't have to name all the pictures in one sitting, but select themes your baby can relate to now. Or you can talk about just one page, the "all about me," page. You can look at the nose in the picture and then touch your baby's nose. One of the first words babies say is nose or eyes.
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