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Caroline is available for talks about the importance of reading to babies. She also contributes to on-line magazines on the subject of language and literacy development.
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Baby Book Reviews - Stage 5 - The Word Maker
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Characteristics of Stage 5 Books – The Word Maker
This is the stage of gradual verbal production. Each child develops differently in terms of the number of words produced. Whether rapid or gradual, each new word is joy to behold. The types of books echo your baby's language development. For example, Bus Stops invites your baby to point to an object you have asked her to find. Go Dog Go! is a book your toddler will be able to use through kindergarten or first grade as a first reader. As a baby, your child can gain from the opportunities for "discussion" which Go Dog Go! provides. Your conversations around books will become more complex as your baby's language grows.
Bus Stops
Author: Taro Gomi
Board Book
Chronicle Books, 32 pages, 1988
This book was translated from Japanese. It was first published in Tokyo under the title Basu Ga Kita in 1985. Caroline's grandson had Bus Stops read to him repeatedly. This is a story about a bus who stops all around town: An artist "steps off" at the beach, a salesman "hops off" at the edge of town, four construction workers "leap off" at a building site. A different verb is used for each person who leaves the bus, thus modeling to your baby the variety of vocabulary which can be used for the same action. What your baby will really love about this book is the question after each person steps off the bus. "Can you find the bulldozer? Can you find the helicopter?" Your baby/toddler will love pointing to the simple, graphic illustrations.
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More More More, Said The Baby
Author: Vera B. Williams
Board Book
Tupelo Books, William Morrow & Co., 30 pages, 1990
Little Guy, Little Pumpkin, and Little Bird are whooshed up in the air, and cuddled and loved by a father, grandmother, and mother. In three little stories, a baby is kissed on its belly button, held nose to nose in the air, or rocked back and forth. Each time the baby says, "More. More. More." The colorful illustrations done in gouache paintings with hand-painted lettering convey the warmth of emotions we express to our babies.
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Hand Rhymes
Author: Marc Brown
Board Book
Puffin Unicorn Books, Penguin Group, 31 pages, 1985
Babies and toddlers enjoy songs and rhymes with finger play. Marc Brown collected and illustrated fourteen rhymes with accompanying instructive icons next to the lines of verse. Just look at the little icons to see what motion your hands and fingers should make. The most familiar rhyme is The Church.

This is the church, this is the steeple. Open the doors And see all the people!

There are four simple hand motions, ending with palms up and the fingers of both hands interlocked to show all the people. There is a rhyme for each season, including Jack-O-Lantern and Little Goblins as well as several about babies. There is a companion to this book by the same author-illustrator, Finger Rhymes.
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