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Caroline is available for talks about the importance of reading to babies. She also contributes to on-line magazines on the subject of language and literacy development.
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Useful Websites
Useful Websites Related to Baby Read-Alouds
American Academy of Pediatrics
This site has lots of helpful information and research for parents. You can go to the search box on upper right of screen and type in screen media guidelines for babies and toddlers.
Go to American Academy of Pediatrics
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
This is the website parents can go to if they are in need of a professional speech and language practitioner to evaluate and provide services for any suspected language disorders. You can go to the home page and click on "Find a Profession," and then locate a certified professional in your area by completing the form prompts. I couldn’t have done my job as a reading specialist without the help of our speech and language therapists at our school district. They help you find answers about why your child might be having delays in learning how to speak or later learning how to read.
Go to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood
There is is a national effort to reduce children’s time using screen media and increase their time in active and creative play, face-to-face interaction with caring adults and being in nature. They are the official home of Screen-Free Week, celebrated each year in communities around the world. Under Resources, they list 10 things you can do to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers. Their campaigns to stop the deceptive marketing of the "genius baby" industry have led to a refund from Disney and Baby Einstein videos and a ruling by the FTC against the developmentally inappropriate "Your Baby Can Read."
Family Reading Partnership
This non-profit community organization promotes early literacy. Though it is located in Ithaca, New York, it’s included here as a model of what every city could create in its own community. Caroline visited this program and it’s founder and director, Brigid Hubberman. They have used our book in their programs and over the years have formed a huge presence in their community with the support of individuals, businesses, schools, libraries and other organizations. With their promotion of family reading practices throughout the city they have truly created a culture of literacy. Many other cities have already emulated their organization.
Go to Family Reading Partnership
First Things First
After discovering First Things First on Facebook, I immediately "Liked" them and got all their posts. Their emphasis on reading aloud to babies and toddlers for its critical contribution to early language and literacy development follows our message in this book. Their mission is to help all children succeed in school and in life. They offer hints and resources for all areas of early child development, stressing that 90% of a child’s brain develops by age 5. Although this site is for the state of Arizona, its contents are suitable for children everywhere. It’s well worth getting their Facebook posts.
Go to First Things First Facebook Page
Go to First Things First Website
Planet Esmé, A Wonderful World of Children’s Literature
We met Esmé Codell at a reading conference many years ago before the publication of her comprehensive book, How to Get Your Child to Love Reading. She had just published her first book, Educating Esmé, Diary of a Teacher's First Year. We immediately like her lively spirit, and this spirit comes through on her website, which is all about children’s books. If you want to learn about the latest beautiful children's books, this is the site to visit. Her blog is also all about books with colorful views of the book's covers.
Go to Planet Esmé
Trelease on Reading
Jim Trelease is the original read-aloud guru. We love Jim Trelease; he was the first to widely raise awareness about the importance of reading aloud to children of all ages. He has done more for literacy progress in this country (and even in other parts of the world) than any other individual. His book, The Read-Aloud Handbook, has sold over two million copies, and its seventh edition was published in 2013. His website is full of useful information on literacy, plus lots of book recommendations. His chatty style of writing grabs your attention and makes you want to read everything he writes. That’s why his book, The Read-Aloud handbook, is so widely read by several generations over the years.
Go to Trelease on Reading
Zero to Three
This site is the most extensive resource for parents and researchers interested in all aspects of the development of children from birth to three. Topics such as brain and literacy development are given an in-depth treatment. Research articles and brochures can be downloaded. Spanish resources are also included. If you go over to the right of their home screen where it says "Find it Fast", under Select a Key Topic, scroll down to the topics on early literacy or any early developmental topic that interests you.
Go to Zero to Three
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