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Caroline is available for talks about the importance of reading to babies. She also contributes to on-line magazines on the subject of language and literacy development.
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Every Word Counts
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Table of Contents
PART 1 —
Why Baby Read-Alouds Benefit Your Baby's Language Development

  • Ten benefits of reading aloud to your baby from Day One
  • Eight Every Word Counts

PART 2 —
The Six Stages of Baby Read-Alouds

Chapter Three
Stage 1 The Listener (Birth to Two Months)

Chapter Four
Stage 2 The Observer (Two to Four Months)

Chapter Five
Stage 3 The Cooer (Four to Eight Months)

Chapter Six
Stage 4 The Babbler (Eight to Twelve Months)

Chapter Seven
Stage 5 The Word Maker (Twelve to Eighteen Months)

Chapter Eight
Stage 6 The Phrase Maker (Eighteen to Twenty-four Months)

PART 3 —
Practical Tips and Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions about talking and reading to babies
  • Fun activities and tips to manage TV and make a language-rich home
  • Interviews with parents of successful readers
  • Baby books 101

Notes (citations and other notes)
Additional Resources
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Ten Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

Eight Baby Read-Aloud Principles

Six Read-Aloud Stages from Birth to Two

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Literacy Begins at Birth

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